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Name:Chandra Nalaar
Birthdate:Mar 14
Location:United States of America

Name: Becky~!
Are you over 16?: Yep.
Personal LJ:[info]code_gal
Timezone: Central
Other contact: AIM: onesnzeroes11
Characters already in the game: None!
How did you find us?: Through a conversation with a player on dear_mun.


Character name: Chandra Nalaar
Fandom: Magic: the Gathering
Timeline: Current. (That is to say, after the events of Zendikar, since she has not been accounted for since.)
Age: Not specified – planeswalkers don’t age normally, but regardless she still seems relatively young, at least compared to her peers. Acts like early twenties, I’d guess.
~*Magical*~ abilities and strengths: She’s a pyromancer. Basically, there are two kinds of spells to her – spells that make things go boom, and the useless other crap. Using these spells generally require some kind of red mana source, generally meaning mountains, volcanoes, fires, and the like.
How would they use their abilities?: To burn shit, obviously. There’s not a hell of a lot of options with fire. She can be creative and tricky with her spells, though, generally when using them to escape pursuit. Still, if she’s using her powers, it’s probably in order to kill it with fire. A quote from her hero is as follows: "Of course you should fight fire with fire. You should fight everything with fire."
Appearance:Here’s a reference picture.

Chandra tends to stand out in a crowd, at least a bit. Mind you, her hair isn’t always on fire – that only happens when she’s slinging some serious fire spells around. But her hair is a vivid red, so it tends to be the first thing people notice. Generally she wears a thick leather tunic – that is, something fire resistant; very useful in her line of work. She finishes off the look with thick gloves and a pair of rose-tinted goggles.

As for her physique: she’s on the thin side, and definitely fit – one of the perks of being on the run all the time. She’s of average-ish height (or so it appears; there’s not really a good sense of scale in the pictures we’re given) and has a healthy tan – one might even say she looked a little sunburned. Nothing too spectacular to look at, but not half bad, either.

Background/Personality: Right, so first off, a quick lesson about how the universe works in Magic: the Gathering (actually, it’s called the Multiverse, there, but whatever). There are five different colors of magic, and each one has its own style, its own personality. In order, these are white, blue, black, red, green. White is the color of law and order (insert appropriate sound effect here), and the color of protection. Blue is the color of intellect, logic, and control. Black is the color of greed and selfishness. Red is the color of emotion and chaos, and finally green is the color of nature and tranquility.

Now, why do I bring this up? Because Chandra is what as known as a planeswalker – literally, she can walk from plane of existence to plane of existence. These types of mages generally use the color or colors of magic that best suit their needs and personalities. Chandra is a red-aligned planeswalker, meaning she tends to be chaotic, impulsive, and quick to anger. This also means she tends to be more at ease with things associated with her color and allied colors – green and black – and opposed to things aligned with her opposing colors – blue and white. In particular, due to her history, she has a particularly strong negative reaction to organizations devoted to bringing order to people – she sees these as stifling, and over-controlling. It doesn’t help that such an organization was responsible for the death of her entire home town, including her family, due to the slightest provocation – which was really a single fire spell she let off.

What really went down was this: on her home plane, fire magic was completely banned. Thing is, even from an early age it came naturally to her. Her parents, in an attempt to "cure" her wild streak, set her up in an arranged marriage with one of the local boys. To get out of that situation, she let off a huge burst of fire, setting a few of the surrounding huts on fire, and then ran off to the mountains nearby. Shortly thereafter, the local authorities came to the village, having noticed the fire. Unwilling to believe that a single person could cause so much damage, they treated the entire town as a village of rebellious pyromancers, and forced them into the burning huts. Chandra returned just in time to see her family and friends being burned alive, her mother crying and begging for her children – Chandra’s siblings - to be released. They weren’t. Chandra attempted to fight the guards right up until the point where the entire village had burned down – people and all. When she surrendered, she was sentenced to immediate execution. Fortunately for her, though, her planeswalker spark – the thing that makes her more than just another pyromancer, and gives her the ability to travel between planes - activated right then, and she barely escaped.

All in all, she tends to be brash and impulsive, and has a firey temper – pun not intended. While for a while she was truly haunted by the death of her family and hometown, and blamed herself for it. She has since learned to accept her past for what it is – most importantly, for the past, and not the present. Still, though, she holds a grudge against most white-aligned organizations. That doesn’t mean she can’t get along with any white-aligned individuals – in fact, she has worked with a white planeswalker by the name of Gideon Jura in the past. Similarly, she’s not guaranteed to immediately get along with any green, black, or even red aligned individual – it just means it’s more likely.

Ultimately, she tends to be somewhat cocky, as she considers herself to be one of the best fire mages there is – and with the exception of one or two other red planeswalkers, she might just be right in that. Her current hobby is hunting down and stealing the biggest boom spells she can find. This is what led her to go after a particular scroll held by a group known as the Sanctum of Stars. After she succeeded in evading capture and traveling to another plane with the aforementioned scroll, the Sanctum hired another planeswalker by the name of Jace Beleren to track her down and not just recover the scroll, but erase her memory of it as well. He did, in fact, manage to trace her back to her new home plane, and they fought for a while over control of the scroll. Eventually Jace won and took back the scroll, wiping her memory of the contents of the scroll. Fortunately, Chandra had planned ahead, and had people making copies of the scroll, ensuring that she would still have knowledge of it.

Have you read up on how the game works?: Yep! FlamingFerret is the name of the plug-in, and some good ways to get money include begging, borrowing, and stealing accepting missions, mooching off of castmates, or doing jobs for other players. Or, if you mean some examples of missions, this could be anything from simple jobs (peeling potatoes in the kitchen or babysitting) to high level jobs (catering is one example mentioned).

1st person sample:[The video feed clicks on to show a rather irritated red head glaring at the camera. She doesn’t looked pleased in the slightest. When she speaks, it’s sharply – her tone mirrors her face in this regard.]

Would someone please explain to me why it feels like I’ve been thrown against several brick walls? And why I can’t planeswalk out of here?

[Now she’s just glaring at the camera, waiting for someone to give an answer.]

I haven’t got all day!

[It seems like it would be wise to answer her questions – her hair is starting to flare up around the edges, which is definitely a bad signed.]

3rd person sample:

Chandra wasn’t sure how she had ended up here, exactly. Last she knew, she had been on her way from the Eye of Ugin back to Regatha. She had started the planeswalk, and then something went wrong, and now she was here, and hurt like hell.

Not that she was really sure where here was – there was too much metal all around. Could it be Mirrodin? She’d heard of the plane before, sure, but never been there herself. A whole plane full of metal, had to be a sight to see.

Still, that didn’t seem right, either – if it were Mirrodin, she could have left. As it was, it didn’t seem like she was able to leave this place, which was strange enough – something big enough to block planeswalking had to be pretty big, usually another planeswalker. It didn’t feel like another planeswalker, though. Something was very, very wrong here.

There was a book, not far away, though it wasn’t like any book she’d seen before – better to call it a book-shaped thing. Since the immediate area lacked anything to set on fire for fun and profit (and answers), she picked it up an examined it.

"Don’t panic, huh?" She mused to herself as she looked at the thing. Buttons, with letters on them, and sure enough, they appeared on the screen when they were pressed. After some more experimenting, she managed to find a help page. Problem was, this was taking forever. Didn’t the thing say something about talking to other people? Yeah, she’d try that. She could yell at people, for one, better than she could yell at this thing – though not for lack of trying.

That decided, she loaded up the FlamingFerret – though the picture was wrong; ferrets did not look like that when on fire, she knew from experience.

Questions?: Nah, not really.
Did you put your characters name and fandom in the subject: Yup.
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